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Boundless is all about providing practical video tips that allow anyone to experience more inner peace and contentment. The videos are about 2-3 minutes long, require very little time to apply, and are free. It's our intention to make it fun, engaging and inspiring. We are modern day monks passionate about people experiencing unbroken peace, happiness and contentment. It's possible for each of us.

Boundless: Departure Lounge

The Departure Lounge is the place to go to find tips for your own journey. From here you can access the content that is most relevant for you.

Boundless: The Book

The book is about Greg Hopkinson, probably the most unlikely monk you will ever meet. He was an extremely cynical and judgemental businessman - not a spiritual bone in his body. But a near death experience gave him a glimpse of a blissful state of peace, and he wanted more. 

A perpetual state of peace and contentment is rare - but even more rare is the accessible way that this book leads the reader on a journey to a life of less stress and more happiness. 


'Boundless opens the door to a much broader conversation.  I love the power of this story and the awesome humor and clarity of the storyteller who so wonderfully allows us all to ask what might - after all - be possible for me?'     Karin Higgins Boulder, Co, USA
'The most gritty, real, raw and honest book you will ever read about inner peace. Boundless is one hell of a story about life's greatest adventure.'  Bernard Steeds, author of 'Water'

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Boundless: Meditation

Meditation is probably the single most effective tool in transforming your experience of life. 

There are many different forms of meditation available and any valid meditation is likely to be highly beneficial to your health and happiness. 

The Boundless crew practice a meditation teaching called 'The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension' For more details on Ascension click here!

Boundless: Media

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