Appreciation as Antidote

It has been estimated that between 70 and 95% of our thinking is negative thinking. And whether we are aware of it or not, we are thinking most of the time.

Generally, the content of our thinking involves judgment - judgment about ourselves, about others, or about aspects of our lives.

If we are able to cast our awareness over our body, or notice what’s happening in our body when we are being judgemental, we notice that we feel contracted or heavy, or tired, or even agitated. And yet there is a powerful emotion that can reverse that experience. It’s like an antidote to judgemental thinking, and those downward spiralling feelings associated with judgement.

The antidote is the practical aspect of appreciation: praise. Praise moves in quite the opposite direction to judgment. You may recollect the times you have been the recipient of praise – it’s such a positive, uplifting experience. We also experience a similar uplifting and expansive emotion when we appreciate the things in our life, or praise the people around us.

All too often in our life we don’t actively praise the people around us, or appreciate the things we have in our life. And yet we can choose to praise someone, or appreciate something. It’s so easy to do.  By praising the people in our life we can reverse the downward spiralling dynamic that exists when we are judging. When we praise or appreciate aspects of our world we feel so much lighter, and so too, do the people around us who are the recipients of our active appreciation.

So, if you’re feeling down, or you’re caught up in a bit of grief, or you are worried about what might happen in the future, we invite you to be active with appreciation. Chances are the recipients of your appreciation will be grateful and uplifted. You may even make their day. And you may also find that you will be equally uplifted.