Do More of what You Love



I love walking in the bush. I always have. I feel so relaxed, and so calm whenever I’m out in nature. I try to do it as much as possible, and I’m fortunate that I’ve got easy access to the great outdoors.

There is a lot of benefit in spending time doing the things we love. Engaging in activities that we love doing actually reveals love and peace, and it can reveal that which lies beyond thinking. It’s an experience of calmness or relaxation.


Whatever it is that you really enjoy doing, whether it’s fishing, or gardening, or painting, or cooking or reading a book, we encourage you to do more of it. Doing these things delivers that which we seek – the peace and calm and love that we all want in our life.


Have a go at committing to regularly doing those things that make you feel peaceful and content. If you’re really motivated, there is benefit in getting in to a routine of doing the things that you love doing. You may notice how your life starts to change, how you start to become more grounded in peace, and less interested in getting caught up in the drama that can come along in our life