The approach

The experience of peace, joy and love are our natural state of being. Praise, gratitude and love are the natural outward manifestations of these inner experiences - when we take the right approach.

So what is the right approach? We’re often taught that anything good in life doesn’t come easy. “You have to work hard if you want to succeed”; "You have to work hard for the good things in life".

But there’s another approach which is even more effective - the fun, simple, easy approach. Of enjoying every step of our journey through life; of being fascinated with whatever experience is being delivered right now and leaving the future up to …. God?, a greater force for Good?, Stillness?, Silence? - whatever your word is for the highest force for good in the universe. A large dollop of 'trust' is needed in the beginning too. 

Simply enjoy the journey itself. Don’t try or strain to get anywhere, or be anyone, other than your self, right here, right now. All the experiences you need to move you closer to your highest desire will be brought to you in their own time (sorry, but not in your time!) Take a moment to remember what your highest desire for yourself in this lifetime is.

Approach each step in life with a fascination and a wonder, that freely allows life to unfold effortlessly and magically, like a red carpet. We’re not saying difficult situations won’t continue to happen, but with a little practice, our relationship to those situations changes and the labels come off. We can experience situations that in the past we would have labeled as ‘bad’, with more calmness and acceptance. We get to see that often so-called difficult situations actually open up the space for the next step in our movement towards our highest desire.

So be open and excited about your magical mystery tour and you will naturally begin to live the life you were born to live - in happiness and peace. We’ve got no idea what’s around the corner, and by letting go of our ideas of what we think the future holds, it allows our experience of life to be fresh and alive, in every moment. The byproduct of this is that we naturally reveal or reconnect with the Source of all that is and the Source of all good.

Play. Have the courage to play like a two year old. It could be fun......