Commitment to Your Highest Desire

In another video we posed the question: ‘What is the one thing that you want more than absolutely anything else in life?’

The answer is the same for all of us: We want endless peace, and contentment, and an experience of unbroken joy. We also want to experience on-going unconditional love.

If an experience of unbroken peace and contentment, and the ability to live fully is what we want – then we need to commit to it. We need to make it the priority in our life.

And if we’re going to commit to anything, we need to commit 100%. Less than 100% commitment means that we can still make choices that lead us away from that thing we want. Less than 100% allows the back door to remain open.

We invite you to remember what it is you want in life, that thing that you want more than absolutely anything else, your heart’s highest desire, and commit 100% to experiencing that. You’ll be amazed how quickly things unfold that almost effortlessly deliver you to experiencing your highest desire.