Speak Your Truth

Sometimes when we are conversing, or interacting, with someone we have an intuitive hit to say something, but we hold back because we feel we might offend that person, or we may think what we have to say is none of our business.

But it is important to speak our truth - to communicate what’s there. As long as the message is delivered from a place of compassion, it’s a gift for the other person, and it can be a gift for us too.

There have been situations in my life where someone has spoken their truth to me, and sometimes it has stung, but invariably I’ve appreciated what has been communicated. The feedback, or truth, was has been liberating – it gave me more objectivity  - of my behavior, or the choices I had available. Sometimes I experienced instant relief, and the alternatives often revealed on-going peace.

So if you ever get a hit or a sense that you should say something to someone, rather than hold it back, speak your truth.

The truth needs to be communicated; it’s not there to be held back.