Re Play

When we have had the opportunity to watch a movie for a second time – we often notice different aspects or subtleties in the story that we didn’t see the first time. The same is true for reading a book - we may read a book again at some later stage in our life, and we get so much more from the experience.

We invite you to go back, and re-visit the videos contained in this site. You may pick up different tips; or you may be more attentive than during the previous viewing; or the content of the video may resonate more with you the second time. As our awareness grows we notice different aspects of a clue; we see practical tips more clearly because we are at a different point in life.

It’s not prescriptive but if you feel inclined, go back and watch some of the videos again. There is even benefit watching each video twice at the time of initial viewing. Try viewing one for a second time, and see what you discover.