GPS Navigator

I was travelling in a car through the UK for a couple of months. Fortunately the car had a GPS - I would have been lost many times without it. Sometimes the GPS lead me to places that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to go if I was looking at a map, but I followed it’s guidance continuously without resistance. Occasionally, it was ‘what the hell am I doing down this road?’ but ultimately I always got to where I needed to go.

For a number of years I’ve been taking the approach in life that the people around me are there to guide me like a GPS. They give me guidance on what to do now; what I need to do in a few day’s time; how I should approach certain aspects of my life. By being completely open to the feedback or guidance, my life is effortless and effective. Sometimes I’m lead to do things that I most certainly would never have considered doing if I was left to my own devices, but invariably I end up where I need to be.

The reality is that surrounding each of us is a universal feedback system that has the ability to provide objective guidance – all we need to do is let go of the resistance, and be completely open to what people around us are saying.

I invite you to be open to the GPS that surrounds you – be open to the feedback or guidance that you receive from the people in your life. See how effortless and effective life can become with this approach.