Be Kind to Yourself

Have you ever noticed a little voice inside your head that sometimes isn’t very nice to you? I know I had a very critical one. I never seemed to be able to do the right thing or live up to it’s expectations – the voice appeared to be constantly judging me.

I started to notice that I was ‘mean’ to myself, but importantly I began to notice that it was only a voice inside my head. It wasn’t real and what it was saying wasn’t true.  It was an old habit of being critical of myself. How often do we look after our friends and our family when they’re not well or going through difficult times? We’re amazingly kind and nurturing towards them. I noticed that I didn’t look after myself as well as I looked after others.

So I started playing with being kind to myself.  Every time I noticed that self-judgment, that harshness in that little voice, I turned it around and started to give myself praise, or nurture myself.

For me, it was actually treating myself as if I was my best friend. I started doing little things like sitting down and reading a magazine, or having a long hot bath. I developed a gentle approach to looking after myself, and even a gentle attitude to the world around me. Treating myself kindly hugely transformed my experience of life.

I invite you to play with noticing that self-judging voice - see the possibility that what it is saying isn’t true. Have a go at being kind to yourself.

So have a play – be kind to yourself.