Stories in our head

We use the terminology ‘stories’, or ‘stories in our head’, often. We also refer to the ‘chatter in our head’ as ‘stories’. ‘Stories’ are patterns of thinking that we are all dominated by.

We have thousands of thoughts passing through our existence each day, and within the matrix of every single thought is content, and an emotion, or energy associated with that content. Our mind is particularly efficient at identifying with the content of thoughts, and engaging in a pattern of thinking, or story, associated with that content. Most of us have three or four favorite patterns of thinking, or special stories. It could be that’s there’s always something wrong, or we judge ourselves as being less than, or we approach certain aspects of our world, or certain people in a judgmental way, because we have a belief or we hold a position. The stories in our head actually dominate and limit our experience of life.

So just be aware of what stories are going on in your head from time to time, and see if there’s a pattern. Patterns of thinking create patterns of behavior. Awareness of the patterns means we can make different choices.