Fundamental Patterns of Thinking

There is a fundamental pattern of thinking for all humanity.

That pattern of thinking is: ‘There’s something wrong’.

‘There’s something wrong with me’, or ‘there’s something wrong with you’, or ‘there’s something wrong with an area of my world’. This stream of thinking pervades our life. Most of the time we are thinking that there is an element of ‘something wrong’ in some aspect of our life.

We may be judging the way we are behaving, or engaging in life ourselves. Or we may be judging other people as being inadequate, or that they could do things better. We could be judging the outer aspects of our life, such as our workplace, the society we live in, the relationships we are in, or the people in our life. Almost always, there appears to be something wrong.

This on-going sense of imperfection undermines and limits our experience of life.

If we had the ability to let go of that thinking, we would experience everything in its perfection. There would be nothing wrong. We would see that everything is perfect just as it is.

We invite you to become aware of when you are thinking that there’s something wrong. Be aware of it and very gently let it go, and see what unfolds for you.