Patterns of Thinking

Every day we each have ten’s of thousands of thoughts passing through our existence. Our consciousness, or our mind, has a propensity to identify with the content of those thoughts, and commence thinking.

Each of us has three or four patterns of thinking that dominate our experience of life, that drive our behaviour. The patterns of thinking control the way we approach life, how we interact with other people, and the decisions we make. They limit our full potential to front up and be ourselves.  

For example, one of my patterns of thinking used to be that I was quick to judge other people. To judge them as being less than; that there was something wrong with them; or that the way they went about doing things was not right. The judgements limited my life – they limited the number of people that I would socialise with, they prevented me from engaging empathetically with others, and they prevented me from appreciating the people in my life.  Interestingly, whenever I was judging others I often felt uncomfortable, and almost agitated.

We invite you to become aware of when you’re thinking; start to see if there is a pattern, or even patterns, in how you approach life, or in the way you interact with other people. You even might notice that there’s a pattern of self-judgement that undermines you, and reduces your confidence.

By becoming aware of those patterns of thinking, it provides us with a choice to let go of that thinking, and it allows us to experience more peace and contentment. It also allows us to engage fully in life, to be unlimited and free to be who we truly are.