Control is a pattern of thinking that many of us experience. Often there is an aspect of our life that we want to control. The reality is we can’t control anything in life. Life is like a vast river that flows along, and its as if we are a piece of driftwood floating on the surface. Trying to control, or resist the flow of this vast river is usually ineffective. 

For many, the tendency of trying to control things appears to be because there’s an element of distrust in life supporting us. We often don’t trust that everything will work out. Sure, sometimes it looks like life isn’t flowing in our direction, but when we look back from a future vantage point we see that in fact life delivered us to where we are now. 

If we have the courage to let go of the need to control, and begin trusting, we start to see everything is there to support us; life becomes more and more effective, and it requires less and less effort. 

Notice when you are trying to control other people, or certain aspects of your life. Have the courage to let go of the habit of trying to control, and see what unfolds for you. Notice if there’s an expansion in your experience of life; notice if you make headway with more ease; and see if there is an expansion in the experience of those people around you.