Living more of Life!

I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that doesn’t want to have the experience of an amazing life. To live it ALL - happiness, contentment, peace; an amazing sense of well-being; the experience of 'living the dream'. 

So why is it that as we get older, moments of happiness appear to become more random and less frequent; our peace appears to be replaced with stress and anxiety. We may not even believe that true peace and happiness are possible anymore. Some of us might have the idea that we don't deserve happiness because we're not a good person. 

Almost by accident we begin to experience our life as less joyful, less vibrant, less peaceful than we remember it being as a child. We tend to get busy with life and we just somehow forget to ‘live’. 

The good news is that it’s actually our natural tendency as human beings to seek out the experiences that deliver us greater happiness and peace, and the uplifting, all bells and whistles experience of truly being 'alive'.

So why does it so often seem like we're going in the opposite direction to that? Well there's a tricky little thing called the 'ego' or the 'mini-me'. That little voice in our head that we think is us, and that never shuts up, and is always telling us what to do, and goes on and on about nothing (well, that was my mind anyway!) It appears to negatively impact on our experience of life through its limiting judgments and ideas about how things 'should be' and what we 'should do' in life. It never likes to stay here in the present moment - it's always wanting to draw us back in to the past where it can induce sadness or regret about somthing that's happened, or pull us in to the future, causing worry and anxiety about something that might or might not happen.

Sure, we can have happy memories and exciting ideas about the future, but even these thoughts pull us away from what's going on right here, right now.

And 'right here, right now' is where all the action is! Where all the peace and contentment lie. Where a sense of well-being and natural joy and fascination for 'what is' lies waiting patiently for us to come home to. 

So if you’re keen to find your way home to a more joyous, peaceful, loving state, or you want to experience more of the good stuff, then read on.

Hopefully this Ebook will help you understand the dance of the mind and the subtle behaviour patterns that appear to stifle our natural state of happiness and contentment. Our website is also full of free material and videos to inspire you to experience more of the things you, and everyone else on the planet, wants more of - more happiness, more peace and more contentment. 

In this eBook, Greg and I deliver five easy steps to hopefully inspire you on your own journey and keep you on track. Don't be in a hurry;  sit back, and let your journey gently unfold in front of you. Enjoy the ride!

So the very first step is to take a look at what you desire?