Make it a priority and commit 100%

If, indeed, living your full potential in a perpetual state of Peace and Contentment is what you desire; if being truly Alive in every moment is an experience you want for your self, then make it a priority and commit 100% to the task. The universe has a magical way of delivering what you desire when you are clear as to what it is.

Don’t make your journey serious or hard. Just gently commit and make it a priority to explore and discover. This can be as easy as the simple choice to do more of the things you love doing in life, instead of what you feel you ‘should’ do.

And remember ‘commitment’ doesn’t have to be scary!

If you’re like I was, the word commitment scared the hell out of me – in fact I’d never whole heartedly committed to anything in my life and if I ever got close, it wasn’t for long. My frequent gym memberships were a classic example. I’d join and pay my money and be extremely enthusiastic. “I’m going to do it this time. I’m going to commit to myself that I’ll make going to the gym part of my every day life.” Two weeks later I’m starting to skip days, finding excuses not to go – you know the drill.

So when I started on my own journey, commitment was an uncomfortable word. I’d think, “Oh no, I’m bound to fail, again. I’ve never stuck with anything in my life”. But what I actually discovered was that my commitment to experiencing what I truly desired for myself; more peace, more joy, more love, was actually quite easy once I realised that it was my choice. It was extremely empowering and liberating to know that I was the one in control of my happiness, my peace – and I could choose to make it a priority – or not. Commitment naturally and willingly followed. If it got tough, I’d ask myself:

“Do I want to live a life in eternal peace and in joy and laughter?”


“Do I want to be paralysed by intense thinking and self-imposed suffering?”

Once I recognised I had a choice and began to see the results in my life, it was easy.

The great news is; there is always more. More peace, more joy, more love – an infinite amount in fact. Our only job is to find the way to explore and experience it for ourselves.