What do you want most in life?

We’ve got a question to ask you. It’s possibly the most important question that any of us can be asked in our lifetime.

What is the one thing you desire most for yourself? What is the single thing you want more than anything else; your highest desire?

Take your time to ponder the question and ask yourself honestly, “What do I desire most for myself in this lifetime?”

Chances are you desire peace of mind. Not just short glimpses of peace, but peace that permeates every moment of the day, undisturbed by the people and events unfolding in your life. You may also want to experience unconditional, rock solid love. Love that is there regardless of what you do, or you don’t do. A grounded, unmoving love that doesn’t depend on having someone in your life to provide that love. Or, you may want unbroken happiness, and ongoing contentment in your life.

Maybe you desire all of these things – and why not. We deserve them all.

You may think that what you desire is impossible or only a dream, or that you don’t deserve what you desire. Or, your answer could be to live in good health, or to have a partner to share your life with, or to have financial independence. You may want your children to be happy and healthy. But consider this for a moment: if you had those things, what would that naturally bring you? Would it make you happy? Would you be content? The answer is ‘yes’ it would – for a short while. Ultimately we all want unending contentment; unbroken peace, love and joy.

And the cool thing is it’s absolutely possible; it’s possible in this lifetime to experience peace, contentment and happiness on an on-going basis.

So, we’re going to take you on a bit of journey. We’re going to give you a few tips and clues on how to fulfill your highest desire and reveal the peace, contentment and happiness you may seek.  We will also be giving you exercises to experience that - they’re practical, and take very little effort, but practicing them regularly can have such a big impact on our experience of life.