Experience vs Reading About It

There was a period in my journey where I read a lot of books written by people who were having a profound experience of the present moment; authors who were fully attentive to the Stillness within. Their writing resonated completely with me. It was obvious that they were articulating the Stillness.

Initially, reading those books shifted my awareness. I got to see how my patterns of thinking were controlling my experience of life, how thinking was making me less than perpetually happy, and that living a life of freedom from thinking was such a powerful and effective way to live.

However, after a few months of reading, I realized that the growth in my awareness appeared to have reached a plateau. I got to see that reading other people’s experience of Stillness would only take me so far. I was also aware that if other people could have an unbroken awareness of the Stillness, then any one could have it, including me. Such an experience must be universal, rather than reserved for a select few. I wanted to have the same experience of Stillness as the authors of those books were having.

Once I was clear on what I wanted, movement towards freedom unfolded very quickly for me. I was very fortunate to learn a technique that allowed me to disengage the chatter in my head, and reveal peace at any moment throughout the day. With guidance, unbroken peace and contentment became the prevailing experience for me.

If you are at a point where you want more than what you are experiencing from reading about someone else’s experience of Stillness, it’s important to know that each and every one of us can have that same experience. The exceptionally cool thing is that tools, and guidance, are available for anyone to reveal endless peace.

It’s our choice to have a completely full and magical life, free of stress and sadness. It’s no else’s choice. It’s totally up to us to be perpetually happy and joyous.