The Power of Praise

Sometimes it feels like we live in a praise-free world. It appears that we very rarely receive appreciation or praise. On the other side of the coin, we seldom give praise or appreciation to the people around us.

If you think about the times that you’ve received appreciation from a colleague at work, or a manager, we become more confident, we can step forward and function so much more effectively. Receiving appreciation from a friend, or someone we’re in a relationship with can change the whole dynamic of our friendship or our relationship. It has a tendency to dissolve any doubt we have about ourselves and it allows us to grow.

It’s such an easy thing to appreciate people. I invite you to be more active in appreciating those people in your life and see what happens to your experience of the day. Chances are you’re going to feel uplifted and even joyous. And most certainly the recipient of your praise will feel uplifted. It’s such a powerful thing to do; it can change our whole experience of life.

If you find that you’re down, or you’re getting caught up in a bit of frustration, or if you are feeling off, I invite you be active in appreciating the people in your life. Notice how the downward spiraling energetic that you may be experiencing is reversed when we appreciate others. Notice how uplifted you feel, and how uplifted the recipient of your praise is.

Have a go at it. Be more active in appreciating those people in your life. It’s important.