Accepting Praise

Some of us appear to have difficulty accepting praise. I know I used to feel uncomfortable when someone gave me praise. There was an automatic ‘Thank you’, but there was always a ‘but’ with it. ‘Thank you, but….’ A subtle self-judgment that said, ‘Thank you, but I could have done better’. Being a perfectionist in life, that was my normal reaction to praise: ‘Yes, but not quite good enough.’

So I started playing with simply accepting praise. For me it was as simple as saying ‘Thank you’ and stopping there. Initially it was actually quite difficult to do - I really had to play with acceptance because I had the belief that it sounded arrogant, or that I really shouldn’t be accepting praise for myself.

Accepting praise is such a powerful thing to do – it is uplifting for us – and it is also uplifting for the person who has had the initiative to appreciate us. I invite you to have a go at accepting praise with a simple, ‘Thank you’. Notice what the experience is for you. You may be great at doing it; or you may find there’s a little bit of resistance - you may want to bat the praise away with a self-effacing comment. Let go of the resistance and simply thank the person who has praised you, and notice how more connected you feel with that person.

It’s amazing what starts to happen to our experience of life when we accept praise for ourselves. It’s as if that beautiful appreciation flows right through us and on to others.

So have a go – accept the praise that comes your way, and see what it is for you.