Accepting Praise

Some of us appear to have difficulty accepting praise. And yet accepting praise is such a powerful thing to do – it is uplifting for us – and it is also uplifting for the person who has had the initiative to appreciate us. I invite you to have a go at accepting praise with a simple, ‘Thank you’. Let go of the resistance and simply thank the person who has praised you, and notice how more connected you feel with that person.



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Focus on the Here and Now

All fear, suffering, and emotional discomfort is a function of thinking. If we were able to let go of thinking, and remain attentive to the present moment now, we would reveal peace and calm. A useful approach to letting go of the suffering associated with thinking, is to gently focus on an object located in your proximity, and to remain gently attentive to that object. Such gentle attention has the ability to allow us to let go of thinking, and in that gentle attentiveness we can experience stillness and peace

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