Commitment – it’s a tough thing for many of us. But if you think about the times in your life where you’ve committed 100% to something, where you’ve really gone for it, just how effortless it’s been to achieve what you’ve wanted. All sorts of things come from left field to support us and move us toward our goal. It’s as if everything in our world is there backing us. There’s so much energy behind it. It’s as if that when we commit 100% it’s actually going to happen.

But those times that we commit 99%, we’re leaving a back door open. The energy’s got an opportunity to seep out. We’ve got an opportunity to bail, to make soft decisions. And typically, things don’t come to fruition and if they do, they aren’t quite what we wanted.

So if there’s anything in your life at the moment that you want to achieve or that you want, have a go at committing 100%.  And see what happens.