Analogy of the sky


This analogy of the sky and all that moves through it is a great way to visualize how we have become so identified with the thoughts and emotions that pass through our existence, and how if we are able just observe them we experience peace.


We invite you to consider the sky for a moment.



It has been there since the beginning of time and it probably will be there at the end of time. It’s formless, infinite and unbounded. It is completely unmoving, and unchanging. It has no boundaries – it is unending. It just exists, here and now.


Little white clouds float by, storm clouds scurry, hurricanes charge through, aircraft, missiles and birds dart across the sky. But the sky couldn’t care less. Not for one moment does the sky identify with these movements. How ridiculous would it be if the sky thought it was a cloud or a plane?


The reality is we’re not much different from the sky.  We’re a different aspect of the same thing. Our true nature is just like the sky.


And moving through us is energy, emotion and thoughts. The difference between us, and the sky is that in our lifetime our consciousness has developed a habit of identifying with the content of the thoughts that move through our existence; and it also has a tendency to label the energy, or the emotion, that passes through our body and nervous system. When we identify with this movement we can become caught up in negative thinking, or downward spiraling emotion.


Whereas, the sky allows the movement to flow through - it would be ludicrous if the sky thought it was a dark, little rain cloud, or even a hurricane. It’s much, much more than that. And we too, are much, much more than the thoughts or emotions that moves through us. We are not the content of the thoughts, or the intensity of the emotion.


Disengagement with the movement of thought and emotions allows us to experience that vast Stillness which observes. That experience of observing allows us to experience peace, calmness, joy and love.


On some level be aware that we are much more than the thoughts or the thinking that we experience.  We are unbounded and unmoving just like the endless sky.  As we retrain our awareness to observe the Stillness within, we develop the ability to be uninterested in the thoughts and emotions, and the apparent turbulence of life becomes nothing more than clouds passing.