Filming Expedition Complete

Well, we’ve made it back home from our filming expedition – we had one day off in 34. It truly was a trip of epic stories, impressive characters and huge experiences. We are supremely grateful for everyone who engaged in the project and courageously shared there experience and gave up their time. They are an integral aspect of the documentary.
We can’t wait to see how the diverse imagery and powerful stories will weave themselves together to create a profound experience for viewers. 

We’ve captured on film much more than we could ever have imagined. We reckon we’ve got enough footage to produce a series of documentaries.  But first things first – we are focusing on the production of the big screen documentary. Along with the editor and the director, Aditi and I prepared a revised timeline for the post-production activities today. We’ve got thirty weeks to create and refine the documentary, and then we’ll begin pitching the finished product to international Film Festivals.

There were many things we took from the filming stage of the project: one observation was that everyone we filmed is well and truly on the path of the hero – the path that leads from internal suffering to an experience of freedom and endless peace. Their experience has the potential to inspire so many people to choose for peace, and ultimately help shift consciousness for the total.