My Will Versus God's Will

We’re in the next phase of the Documentary – Post Production.  It’s something we’ve never done before. It’s an exciting time because ‘infinite potential’ has replaced the need to control what happens next, and when.

I thought we’d get straight into the editing phase, and I noticed a slight sense of urgency to get things done. That is until I realised I was imposing my will, instead of flowing with God’s will.

I’ve found by just being willing to relax and see what unfolds right now in this moment, is all I ever need do. The feeling that we ‘don’t have enough time’ can often create a sense of urgency and result in feelings of worry and anxiety.

Take ‘Time’ out of the equation and everything is as it should be, right Now. Whatever else needs to be done will present it’s self when and if it’s needed.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t know what to do next, or there’s an inkling of desperation that you need to get on with things? And yet, nothing is happening, or presenting itself to be done now? You know, when you have a plan and it’s not happening fast enough, or the way you want it to?

Whatever it is, you may have noticed that you can’t rush things. There is very little achieved by trying to force the next step or the outcome.

All it takes is the allowance of ‘What Is’ right now, and a willingness to be open to what might be presented to you in the future – it maybe something you’ve never even thought of.

If you notice you’re trying to impose your will on something you are doing or expecting to do, be willing to take time out. The next step will come in it’s own good time. And when it does present itself it will feel right and the timing will be perfect!