At the beginning of February this year we decided to produce a documentary for the big screen. The intention of the documentary is to show viewers that peace is possible for the individual; for communities; and ultimately it is possible for the total. We decided the best way to communicate that was to film people from all walks of life who meditate as they share their experience of life. We are currently in Brighton, UK – we are now one month into filming.  

From the moment Aditi and I said, ‘Lets do it’ our life has been in high velocity mode – it’s as if we are bolted to the nose of a low flying missile. The exciting thing about this missile is that it appears not to be moving – it’s as if everything is moving to us just at the right time and in exactly the right configuration. There is nothing for us to do but say yes, or occasionally, say no, to what is offered. The content is being delivered all in it’s own time and in the exact format. No need for a script here.

We have been able to flow with whatever is presented – fully engaged here and now – not controlling, and not experiencing stress that is normally associated with effort and resistance. However, on two occasions we tried to add content that hadn’t been spontaneously offered – we were trying to alter what had been presented. Both cases of trying required time, effort and money – and in each situation we didn’t achieve what we were trying to do.

Making this film is like a supercharged version of what life is at any moment for all of us. It is obvious that trying is unnecessary. All we have to do is remain attentive to the present moment and everything will be delivered.