On the road again

Sally and I depart this weekend with two professional filmmakers – we’ll be on the road for five weeks travelling to eight countries capturing people’s stories of how meditation has changed their experience of life. Boundless will be a big screen documentary all about raising consciousness.

The intention is to create an experience where the viewer’s awareness, or consciousness, will be irreversibly expanded by viewing and engaging with the documentary.

The audience will be led along the path of the hero – the journey to freedom from suffering. As people share their stories of living a life of unconditional love and joy, it will be obvious to the viewer that peace is possible for the individual, as well as for communities and ultimately for the total.

The framework for the Boundless documentary will be colourful and diverse: A community of meditators in Cuba, inspired and taught by a former revolutionary; Mexican prison inmates, guards and management, who meditate after being taught by a passionate monk in Monterrey; a Mexican school for disadvantaged children where the teachers and the children meditate; a mathematics teacher who followed his passion and is now a roller coaster design engineer in the Netherlands - along the way he has inspired others to follow their passion; a Maharishi who rides a Ducati; a young Norwegian woman who is an acclaimed percussionist performing at the Norwegian Grammys; a former American drug addict, gambler and alcoholic who is free of his addictions; a successful businessman in Brighton (UK); an English woman who has MS and lives in joy; and a happy Australian family where the children attend a school that practices Mindfulness. In total we will be interviewing over fifty people – each with a rich and stunning story.

Why are we making Boundless?

To show that peace is possible not only for the individual but for the total; to inspire people to make that choice; and to point them in a direction that will deliver that.

What approach are we taking with the Documentary?

We will be demystifying meditation - by showing that anyone can integrate mediation into their daily life, and directly experience more contentment, connection and harmony. We are proposing that meditation is the most effective tool for transforming anyone’s life. 

Who are the characters making the Documentary?

We reckon we’re on a winner - the film making crew includes recipients of four Emmy’s, and one Bafta.

If you’re into Facebook we will be making frequent posts along the way. If you are interested in viewing the people that we are going to run into please ‘Like’ Boundless.