How to be highly effective

The gentler we are the more effective we become.

I’ve just finished teaching a weekend meditation course, or what we Brightpath Ishaya monks refer to as a First Sphere, with one of my awesome monk mates - Savitri.

The course is convened over a weekend (Friday evening from 7 till 9.30 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm) where we teach people our meditation technique – Ishayas’ Ascension.

If you’re into exalted experiences – sorry, this isn’t a physical ascension. It is a mechanical approach to ascending beyond, or rising beyond thoughts and thinking and identification with emotion. Over the weekend we teach four techniques that allow anyone to gently disengage the chatter in their head, and instantly reveal peace.

There are no rules or regulations with this teaching, however there are a couple of approaches that make the practice light and easy. One of the most important approaches is to be supremely gentle in the observation of the movement of the mind and the introduction of the technique. All that is required is to have the intention to be supremely gentle when the technique is introduced and continue to gently observe. The rest takes care of itself – or in other words: the gentler we are, the more effortless it is to become aware of the Stillness or vast ocean of inner peace that is always there.

The cool thing is that we can take this gentle approach to everything we do in life, and within that approach we automatically reveal more peace and calmness.

So, prior to teaching the course, I had the intention of being gentler than I have ever been. As a consequence the weekend was the most easy and light weekend meditation course that I have taught. From Friday night onwards the new people learning had a light and effortless time – they allowed their introduction to Ascension be so easy.

Of course, if we are light and easy going, so too are the people around us. If we respond to life in a serious way, and take it all personally and earnestly it becomes an intense old ride, and it tends to make life for those around us a bit tense too.

The gentler we are in our approach to everything in life; the easier life becomes, and the more effective we are.

It is as if there is a direct correlation between gentleness and effectiveness.

The gentler we are, the more peaceful and light and effective life becomes.