Will I? Won't I?

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation and the same thing keeps happening time and time again?

You may know in your heart you want to take a different direction in life, but indecision prevails. It may appear complicated, or there’s some fear around taking the next step.

 It may be in your relationships with people, or in a work situation, where the same issue keeps coming up to give us that little (or big) nudge to make a different choice.

 The cause of suffering is not actually the situation we’re in, but our indecisiveness. We know we want something different for ourselves, but we hold back - for lots of different reasons that the mind tells us are valid.

The situations that present themselves are in fact showing us the way forward, even though they may be uncomfortable or unsettling at times. They’re giving us the opportunity to move towards a greater experience of happiness and peace.

 So if you’re in the ‘Will I?, Won’t I?’ mode, be willing to make a choice. If we actually make a choice to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to something and commit 100%, then we’re making a step forward in life. It’s like we’re showing the universe that we’re ready to keep walking and discovering what life has to offer next.

 Remember too, the choice ‘not to make a decision’ is also a decision, and can effectively create space that frees us.

 When we do this life starts to unfold in front of us.

 It doesn’t matter what choice we make - the important thing is to make a choice. Ultimately we’re all walking towards the same thing - an experience of more joy, more peace, more love in our life.

 So don’t hold up the traffic – give it a go. Don’t be afraid to make choices.