The "Yes' Approach

For the past year or so we have been actively saying ‘Yes’ to everything that comes along that appears to support the expansion of consciousness. We’ve engaged in a diverse range of activities that we would not have had any interest in doing in the past: travelling to new places and meeting lots of new people with a different way of doing things. 

 We’ve discovered that the ‘Yes’ approach instantly dissolves judgment, position taking and resistance. ‘Yes’ automatically reveals innocence and fascination and exploration and expansion. 

We were presented with the opportunity to deliver two talks at a Spiritual Fair by our friend, Savitri, an Ishaya teacher who is having a hugely positive impact on many people’s lives. Our past response to such an invitation would have been, ‘You’re joking?’ or a decidedly abrupt, ‘No’. But this time we took the ‘Yes’ approach. 

Generally people come to meditation down two quite different paths: one path is coloured (like ours) by judgment, stress, a sense of isolation, discontent, and sadness or frustration; versus those who have a pleasant old time in life but have a sense there is more. Sometimes everyone looks for more –Spiritual Festivals are a great place for everyone to explore. 

The organisers did a great job de-mystifying the purpose of the festival, and promoting it. The outcome was a well-organised and down-to-earth event that presented all sorts of teachings and healing modalities to the diverse group of friendly and open people attending. Everyone there was seeking the same thing but traveling a slightly different path. 

My Sunday talk was delivered to a full house of about 50 people. The theme was ‘Journey into greater Awareness’ and by the end of the experiential talk everyone was aware that they were much more than their thoughts; most had experienced Stillness; and they all left with an awareness that they had a choice to be caught in suffering induced by thinking, or the freedom revealed by letting go of thinking and remaining present.

Thanks to the ‘Yes’ approach a number of people have signed up to learn to Ascend – they will have a far sweeter experience of life. We met some excellent people, hung out with some old friends and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in sunny Nelson during the height of summer.