When the 'Why' is clear, the 'How' always presents itself

Between Christmas and New Year I decided that rather than talk about loosing weight, I wanted to actually get on and do something about it.

I wanted to feel healthier and loose at least one chin hanging off my jawbone. Rather than delaying the activity by working out ‘how’ I was going to loose weight, I committed to doing it. I knew that the ‘how’, or the practicalities of doing it, would follow any commitment. (In the past I delayed undertaking an activity until the ‘how to do it’ had been worked out in great detail – an approach that usually killed any inspiration, and allowed procrastination and complacency to take control.)

The day after I committed I was watching television - something I hadn’t an opportunity to do for nearly six months - and I was presented with a choice to view three documentaries focusing on weight loss; in particular the apparent detrimental impact of consuming too much sugar. The information communicated by the presenters had a significant impact on me.

 Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I’ve followed the advice delivered in the documentaries and as a consequence I’ve reduced my intake of sugar, gluten and dairy products. This is a significantly change in my diet – I’ve been a big consumer of sugar even though I’ve been aware that it appears to ‘gear me up’ and pile on the lipid; I also enjoy the taste of dairy products despite the impact they have on my respiratory system; and I love bread.

My intent has been to be gentle in my approach, rather than being obsessive. Some days I don’t adhere to the new approach, but I’m relaxed about that – I have no interest in beating myself up – instead I recommit to the program. So far so good - I’m slowly loosing weight and I’m feeling a lot healthier.

 When the ‘Why’ is clear; and the commitment is made; the ‘How’ always presents itself.