Good news? Bad news? Who knows?

The following week I receive a phone call from the ear, nose and throat specialist. “Now, before I start, you haven’t got cancer. But you do have a benign tumour growing on the nerves running from the brain to your left ear. It’s called an acoustic neuroma. It’s treatable.”

Rather alarmed I ask, “How is it treated?”

“We access the tumour by cutting a hole in your skull and, effectively, we scrape the tumour from the nerves. It will take up to 12 months to fully recover from the surgery. I’ve made an appointment for you to visit me tomorrow. Are you available at 11am?”

I get off the phone and I’m overcome with emotion. Monica and I still work in the same building. I open the door of my office and wave her in. Distraught, I tell her the news. After less than a minute of talking I stop. The dark clouds separate, revealing bright blue skies. I get it. This is my way out! This is my legitimate exit from this business and every other possible idea of a business. The responsibility I have felt towards my shareholders  has trapped me. But this is the opportunity to change my life, to live in peace. I definitely don’t want to cock it up.

I leave the office, literally punching the air with my fist as I walk down the stairway to the car park. I drive home full of bliss and joy. My desire has been delivered.

from 'Boundless: A Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace'

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