Can we really change our behavior patterns?

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“A leopard can never change its spots” used to be a statement of truth to me. As much as anything, 'Boundless: A Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace' is a story of radical change. Prior to the book being published, several people suggested to me that some readers will question: have I really changed? It may seem improbable – but the good news is we can all change the way we behave.


It does, however, require commitment. There are many ways we can achieve it, but the most effective way of letting go of the old behavioural patterns appears to be by gently, not forcefully, using a meditation technique to disengage the voices in the head. It is those voices that create our negative behaviour patterns.


I have observed many people’s behaviour patterns change as they routinely meditate.

As we master letting go of the internal chatter, we are actually letting go of the driving force for the old patterns of behaviour that have dominated our lives. As we let go of these patterns of thinking, we actually reveal our true personality, and from this state we can only communicate with appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion.


Can anyone change? Absolutely!