My photographs are a record of a pivotal time in Russia’s history.

I always thought that it would be difficult for anyone to travel throughout the Soviet Union as much as I did during it’s collapse. I was travelling continually; visiting construction sites; meeting new business partners; following up on possible business leads; and socialising with influential people. I was also aware that very few other people were using cameras. Either they didn’t possess a camera, or they weren’t courageous enough to use one in broad daylight. After all, it was only a few short months prior to my arrival that such activity would have been prohibited.


The destruction of communism, and the unfoldment of what replaced it, was fascinating to me. I was unconcerned about any potential repercussions of my brazen use of a camera – I arrogantly thought I was untouchable.


When I started viewing my photographs in preparation for writing Boundless, it struck me that I was viewing a visual catalogue of the Soviet Union at a significant time in history.


I’m now aware that I was very privileged to be welcomed into Russian life, and allowed to engage intimately with so many people. Some of those photos are available on this website and on the Facebook page Boundless.