Meditating before writing each day

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I am a monk. I start every day by meditating for an hour or two. It sounds over the top, but it is an integral part of my day. This period of meditation refines my nervous system to a highly ‘polished’ state, and it allows me to be super attentive to the peace that underlies the busyness of life. From here I rest in the vast ocean of knowledge that exists for all of us; it’s a state that allows anyone to function with great focus. It’s also a state that allows life to flow effortlessly – sometimes there are periods of activity, other times are inactive.


Consequently, periods of writing can be punctuated with extended periods of inactivity.  I always write immediately after my morning meditation – generally for three or four hours. When I do, it’s as if I am functioning as a conduit for whatever needs to be written in that moment. There is no identification with thought, unless I consciously choose to do so. As a consequence, in over five years of writing, I have never  experienced writer’s block.