Nothing is wrong

Yesterday I received news of two big outcomes – I was excited and uplifted. But around mid-afternoon I received notification about something that appeared to be a set back, a perceived delay in the sequence of things, something that the mind judged as not such an ideal outcome. In a brief moment I observed the dance of the mind and the feeling of heaviness begin to take grip, and I let it go. Instantly peace was re-established, but also an awareness (once again) of how the mind, in its habit of judging something as wrong, really has got no idea of what, how, why or when things should be delivered in life.

In gently letting go of the judgment that something was wrong I naturally became grateful for everything that had been presented to me throughout the day. The reality is there is never anything wrong - we have no clue what the sequence of life will be – it is the mind that wants the journey to look a certain way. If we are able to let go of wanting it to look a certain way, and remain present, life is perpetually fresh and enlivened and full.