Boundless - Why? How? What?

Why the Boundless project?

Our desire is to profoundly and irreversibly shift consciousness so that everyone in this lifetime has an effortless choice to live in perpetual joy, happiness, unconditional love and contentment; and to live harmoniously and at one with everything that exists on the planet.

How is this possible?

Our own recognition that peace and happiness are possible is a fundamental step. By providing, in a fun and inspiring way, practical tools and resources to allow anyone to move towards their own peace and happiness. The impact of just one person choosing peace over suffering is inconceivably huge - it allows the choice for others to be easier.

What are we offering?

The book ‘Boundless’ by Greg Hopkinson is one man’s successful passage from a chaotic life to one of unbroken peace and harmony. The journey to perpetual inner peace is universal - it’s only the backdrop of our individual lives that is different. Everyone who reads ‘Boundless’ will experience a shift in their own awareness – some aspect of the story will resonate with every reader and allow them to make different choices in life.

Written tips and video clues listed in the ‘Departure Lounge’ on the website are available to anyone – practicing these approaches to life reveals more peace and happiness.

Ascension – the most impactful approach that automatically prioritises the Stillness over thoughts, thinking and emotion; and profoundly impacts the total.