We’ve all got a bit of genius in us – in fact we all have access to a vast ocean of genius. We get glimpses of it from time to time. If we disengage the chatter in our head we naturally rest as that ocean of divine intelligence and creativity.

Our mate Steve has more than his fair share of genius – in part because he has mastered resting as that ocean. Not only is he a ‘Jack of all trades’, he is a master of most of them. Steve has created the website, sorted out complex software code, looked after all our technical issues, helped with strategic guidance, and created all sorts of imagery and marketing material. He’s not a bad chef either. Occasionally he can be humorous too. And that’s not all: he teaches meditation.

 He’s been on board the Boundless project since December 2013 – some of the time we have operated remotely but for the last five months we’ve been in the same physical location. As Sally and I leave Spain, Steve heads back to the UK. He’ll continue to support our internet and technical activities from there. We wish him all the best and offer immense gratitude.