It appears to be a random life

I always considered myself to be a random character – one minute doing this, the next that – and it appeared to be even more random when there was intense thinking involved.

But what I’m observing as I fully engage in this present moment, not identifying with thoughts, is that its my life that appears random – its not me that is random. I’m fronting up in every moment, fully attentive to what is unfolding, and having a fascinating and effortless passage through the whole lot of it. Life is leading me through the apparent random dance; I’ve got absolutely no control.

Yesterday we needed to do half a dozen things in a nearby town. The mind wanted to make a list of the sequence of events, but I had no interest in engaging in it. When we arrived most of the retailers in town were closed – it appeared to be a public holiday. The first shop we ‘needed’ was closed, but another retailer stocking the item we were after opened. A café opened just as we walked by – an ideal venue for lunch. The cough lozenges were stocked in the supermarket – not the pharmacy - perfect because the pharmacy was closed as we walked past it on our way back to the car. The hardware store opened just as we were about to leave town – and we were able to purchase the gear we were after. Great – because it was heavy – so I didn’t need to lug it around. I could not have possibly planned the sequence of events, but everything we needed was delivered at the perfect time.

It’s only when we apply our will, or try to control the sequence of our life – impose our idea of how things should unfold - that we experience stress or frustration. We have a tendency to resist it and want it to look a different way, or be delivered in a different sequence. But if we let go of that need to control and manage things, then the apparent randomness of life weaves its magical way delivering us everything we need.

What is clear to me is that life only appears random. In reality everything is delivered exactly when we need it, and it is delivered supremely efficiently.