We all have access to creativity – just look at children – they dance and sing and draw and create all sorts of wonderful things. We were no different when we were children. Many of us have either lost the ability to access that creativity or we just don’t make the time to engage in the creative activities that we love doing.

The wonderful thing about actually taking the time to do what we love, is that we naturally get out of the way and let the creativity flow through us. By getting out of the way I mean we actually cease thinking and function like a vessel that effortlessly allows creativity to flow through us. Not only does the creativity flow, but so too does the joy and love when we function in this mode.


Recently we were in awe of the beauty and scale of the futuristic architecture that exists in Valencia, Spain. It is clear that the architect of these structures is a pure conduit for creativity. His work (or more appropriate play) is a great gift for all of us.