Follow Your Bliss


We had no experience either in front, or behind a video camera, when we kicked off the Boundless project. Jesse had been in retail management but wanted to give film making a shot. Right from the outset it was obvious Jessie was a natural not only behind the camera, but also in creating the structure, editing, lighting and overlaying the audio over the video. He was pretty good at meeting new people to interview too. 

One of Jesse’s guidelines in life is, “Follow your bliss”.  And that is exactly what he has done for nearly a year – up-skilling every day and creating videos that subtly capture and communicate the message. It has been exciting to watch him effortlessly and joyously develop his craft, to see him derive so much pleasure from his creativity, and to keep us entertained along the way.

 Jesse has been on board since the beginning of July 2013, and without him we wouldn’t have been able to do what we’ve done. He is leaving Spain for New Zealand via north India – following his bliss. We are super grateful for the magical times spent on the road, and for what he has created for the Boundless project. We wish him well with his new film production venture Cabbage Man Productions in Queenstown.