Remembering what actually happened

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Events that have occurred in my life can become distorted by my mind’s ability to embellish, or diminish, or forget, or re-arrange things. On some level this is true for all of us – our memories are often opinions of what happened rather than factual recollections. They are tainted by our judgements, positions and ultimately by the state of consciousness that we experienced at the time of an event.


So, when I am asked if what I have written is true – all I can say is that it is based on my recollection. The intent has been to deliver a truthful rendition, but I am aware some passages maybe distorted. If other people were with me during the unfoldment of an event, they may have a different opinion of what happened - which in itself may or may not be an accurate account.


The mind is a tricky thing – what may appear to be true may not be – in any situation in life.