Gratitude: An extract from BOUNDLESS

He continues, "In our society we seem to take most of our lives for granted – we effectively ignore our world. It’s just a habit to ignore what we have, or to be negative, but this has a profound effect on our energy, our bodies and the world around us.

Yet there is so much to be grateful for in our lives. We are often only grateful for something when it appears to be threatened or it is no longer there. How many times do we hear of people becoming grateful for their health only after they’ve survived a severe illness? Many of us feel grateful for our partner, or family, only when we are apart, or when they are no longer with us.”


A feeling of regret and melancholy over my failed relationship with Esther envelopes me like a duvet. If only I hadn’t taken her for granted. Maybe we could’ve still been together.

“Gratitude is the opposite of taking things for granted. Just think about the times you have helped someone out. When that person was truly grateful for what you had done for them I bet you felt uplifted and would’ve been prepared to do more for them. But those times when the recipient of your generosity took what you had done for granted you probably didn’t feel inclined to help them out again. In exactly the same way, life is a giver of endless gifts, and as we engage in gratitude for those things in our life we receive more. It never stops growing; the more grateful we are, the more we receive. By being thankful for what we do have, exactly as it is, everything has the opportunity to change and grow and we naturally begin to experience more happiness and contentment.”

Maybe I need to be more grateful for what I have. I’ve got a shit load more than most.