Energy Moving

Imagine that our nervous system is like a pipe or a conduit that energy flows through, and energy tends to stagnate from time to time. We may feel a heaviness or tightness in our solar plexus, or in our heart or throat. By itself, the stagnation or tension has no means of disrupting our experience of life in that moment. The activity that does interfere with our peace is when our mind identifies with the sensation and labels it as something such as; stress, or frustration, or sadness. Once the sensation has been labeled, it’s as if one end of the conduit of our nervous system has been capped, and the energy in our nervous system is unable flow. Once the energy has been labeled, we experience what we have labeled it.


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Analogy of the Ocean

Consciousness is like a vast infinite ocean of peace and stillness that underlies everything in existence.

If you consider an ocean for a moment - on the surface there is almost continual activity and change. Sometimes it is calm, and other times it can be extremely turbulent. 

But, underlying the surface is a vast body of water that is relatively unmoving, and unchanging. It’s still and calm beneath the surface.

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Analogy of the Sky

Our true nature is just like the sky. The difference between us, and the sky is that our consciousness has developed a habit of identifying with the movement of endless thoughts and feelings. Whereas the sky allows clouds to pass through – they keep coming and going without any resistance. As we retrain our awareness to observe the Stillness within, we develop the ability to be uninterested in the thoughts and emotions, and the apparent turbulence of life becomes nothing more than clouds passing.


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What is Awareness?


‘Awareness’ is that which watches, observes and notices. When we start to become aware, or see that our experience of life is a function of where we place our attention we begin to become empowered. We become less interested in the continually moving thoughts, energy and external aspects of our life.  We see that the more we allow our awareness to be attentive to this unmoving present moment, the more peace we experience.



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