Living in the Now

‘The Now’, ‘The Present Moment’, ‘Be here now’, ‘Be present’ are statements that more and more people are talking about; and many people are trying to achieve that experience as a stable experience.

However, for most people ‘The Now’ or this ‘Present Moment’ is a concept, rather the experience of being ‘The Now’, or ‘Living in the Now’, or ‘Living in this Present Moment’. ‘Being Present’ is not a concept. It’s the experience of being fully attentive to everything that exists in our awareness right now. We’re very aware of what’s going on around us, as well as being fully attentive to the ocean of stillness and peace that exists within each of us.

In the experience of being completely attentive right now, there is no identification with thoughts or feelings that can pull us away from this present moment into the future, or into the past.

Furthermore, it is impossible to experience ‘The Now’ by thinking about ‘The Now’. We can only be aware of Now when we cease thinking.

Being present right now is an experience of profound peace, regardless of what’s going on around us in our world. We flow with life as if we are an observer from a very rich and deep perspective. We are continually aware that whatever is here, in our awareness, is here to support us and to move us in the direction we need to go. Increasingly we do less, and yet we achieve more. The only thing we actually have to do is to make a choice to let go of thinking, and to let go of the identification with emotion.  Within that letting go, we reveal the present moment – that vast ocean of peace and stillness within us – and we remain attentive to the stillness.