A few years ago I was buried in an avalanche. The surprising thing about that event was that I experienced profound peace; it was almost blissful. The odd thought passed through my awareness, but overwhelmingly I experienced peace. I was aware that my body was trapped, that my mouth was packed full of snow, and I couldn’t breath, but I didn’t experience any fear. Instead, I was aware of an ocean of stillness - it was as if there was no end to the ocean – and that it was eternal.

I had the sense that if my body died then I would continue to have that experience of unbroken peace, and that my awareness of the unbounded ocean of stillness would continue.

Since the avalanche, I’ve actually pursued that peace. I’ve wanted that peace as an ongoing experience. One thing led me to another, until I got to here - a state where I have a stable experience of peace and stillness. I’m very fortunate I have the time to meditate three hours every day. It’s just what I do. The experience I have when I meditate with my eyes closed is very much like the experience I had when I was in the avalanche – an on-going awareness of the endless ocean of stillness, and an experience of peace and bliss.

Throughout the day with my eyes open, I am also aware that this material body I walk around in is something very special that I use in this lifetime. But I’m aware that I’m much, much more than just my body. I am aware that I am that eternal ocean of stillness.

This is my experience, this is not a concept: I have no doubt that when my body dies I will continue on for eternity.

If you’re experiencing fear at the thought of death, I hope this helps you.