Magic - I absolutely love it, and I experience so much of it in my life.

Have you ever had the hit that you need to speak to someone and moments later the phone rings and that person is talking on the other end of the line? Or, you are in a situation where you need something and you almost magically find it.

Magic is there for all of us, all the time. But we miss most of it. We miss it because we’re unaware. And the reason we are unaware is that we are caught up thinking most of the time. And thinking leads us into another time and place. We are not here, and we are not aware, when we are thinking.

We could be walking along a street while someone we need to see walks on the other side of the street. We miss them because we’re caught up thinking about what we’ve got to do later today, or we are thinking about something that may have happened in the past.

As we become more attentive to this present moment, and less interested in thinking about the past or the future, we become supremely aware. We can walk along the same street and see that person, and we go over to talk to them.  

As we become more present life becomes more and more magical. If you consider the analogy of life flowing like a vast river, the size of the Amazon. Whenever we are attentive to this present moment, not distracted by thinking, it’s as if we’re flowing down the river at the same velocity as the current, and everything we need is around us - we can choose to use it or not.

Whereas, if we’re thinking or trying to work things out, or trying to control aspects of our life it can be compared to swimming to the rapids on the side of the river, where we grab hold of a branch and beat ourselves senseless as we resist the flow of life. Letting go of that thinking allows us to flow back with the current, and we once again we become aware of the magic that surrounds us. And life is hugely effective here.

These days I seem to do less, and less yet I appear to achieve more, and more. Some days not much appears to happen but other days so much is delivered to me. The reality is: all of us are surrounded by the things we need to support us, it’s just that we miss much of it. Letting go of the thinking allows us to be fully attentive to life unfolding right now and we become aware of all that is here for us.

As we remain attentive to this moment life is truly magical. Life requires less effort; and yet it becomes hugely effective. And it’s such a buzz to see the random things come along to support us. There’s no end to the magic.