Intuition is an instantaneous knowing; it’s a non-linear download of knowledge that we all experience.

Intuitively we know if something’s right, or if it’s wrong; or if we need to do a specific activity. We could be walking along a street and we get a hit, or a knowing that we shouldn’t turn left, that instead we should continue on.

Often we have these instantaneous intuitive downloads, but we discount them, we don’t back ourselves. When we don’t follow our intuition, things don’t work out as effectively as they could have.

Intuition is something we all have access to, however, it appears that women have more access to intuition than men. Sometimes women don’t follow their intuition – possibly because men have a tendency to ridicule and mock the women in their life whenever they attempt to communicate their knowledge. But it is particularly important for females to back their intuition - humanity needs that guidance.

I invite you to be more aware of those instantaneous downloads of knowledge and back your self. Follow the knowing. It’s a powerful GPS for us to move forward from where we are in any given moment.

So back yourself – if you get an intuitive hit, follow it. It’s important.