Accepting People as they are

Some of us have a tendency to judge other people as being less than what we expect them to be. Our mind judges other people as being imperfect. We may not agree with their behaviour, or how they communicate with us and other people, or the way they go about their daily lives.

That judgment creates limitation and discomfort for us and for the other person. But by accepting people as they are, we reveal calmness and peace for ourselves; as well as calmness and peace for them. Our acceptance opens up space for those people to be themselves, and it allows them to feel comfortable in our presence.

Accepting people as they are also allows us to see the other person’s attributes, and it becomes easier to appreciate them for their strengths. Acceptance allows our relationships to grow and blossom, and within that we experience much more contentment and fulfillment.

Of course, if someone’s behavior is socially unacceptable, or threatening, then we need to either communicate that, or cease being in their presence.

I used to be so judgmental about other people: there was always something wrong about them. I didn’t agree with the way they behaved; and no matter what some people did it was never good enough. At times I thought I was a perfectionist, but really, I was being righteous and judgmental. During those periods of judgment I would feel uncomfortable, and even agitated.

But as I started experimenting with accepting people as they were, I discovered that I was able to communicate with more empathy. I also noticed that I felt increasingly comfortable around them, and it became obvious that they felt comfortable around me too. I also started to genuinely like those people who had previously annoyed me. In some cases friendships grew with those people.

We invite you to approach all those people in your life with an acceptance; as long as their behavior isn’t threatening – accept them exactly as they are. Notice how much calmer and peaceful you feel, and also notice how they respond to your new approach. You may even become fascinated with what happens to your relationship with those people.