Be Right or Be Happy

Be right or be happy. Man, I was probably the most righteous character that you could ever have met in the past. I always wanted to be right with the way things needed to happen. I wanted people to get on board with my positions, and I’d try to convince others that my ideas were the best and the most appropriate.

Sometimes I would be so determined to be right that it could go on for days. I would increasingly back myself into a corner, and feel as though I had to fight to the bitter end. Sometimes it was nearly impossible to come to an agreement, or a solution. The experience I had in those situations was one of discomfort – and sometimes I felt very isolated. It appeared that it was uncomfortable for the people around me too.

But once I started letting go of the need to be right, letting go of the desire to always do it my way, I noticed that it created space for me, and the people around me. It opened up opportunities, and different ways of doing things. It also allowed me to engage with the people that were in my life much more effectively, and with empathy. And the exciting thing was that we’d often come to better solutions than my proposed approaches.

We invite you to notice if you’re getting caught up insisting that you need to be right, or that something needs to be done your way. Have a go at letting your position go, and see what happens to your peace, and what happens to the outcome of that situation. Also notice how much more engaged you become with the people in your life.

Be right or be happy. It’s a choice.