Many of us project in to the future. We worry about how things are going to unfold for us, we try to second-guess the future, and we have a tendency to want to control every step of the way towards a desired result.

We often have many activities on the go that require action now, to ensure that future outcomes will be achieved. Doing some of those things is necessary, but thinking about them isn’t. When we get caught up in forward thinking, projecting into the future, trying to work things out, it induces stress and worry for many of us. It certainly used to for me. I’d be racked with stress and worry as a consequence of trying to plan and control things.

But if we have the courage to let go of that need to control, and trust that it will be okay – we achieve the outcome we want with much less effort. We can still have the intent to achieve those results, but by letting go of the thinking about it, we reveal peace and calmness, and as we trust, we see that everything flowing to us is there in its perfection to help us achieve our desires.

As we have the courage to let go, and have trust that things will work out, life becomes effortless, and extremely effective. Sometimes it may look as if it’s not working out, but invariably it always works out. As we master trust, we experience more and more peace and harmony.

If you find that you are worrying about the future, or you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to achieve something, and it’s causing discomfort, let it go. Trust that it will work out exactly as it needs to. It always does.